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Schoolahardknox Revisited

Released: 1-09-07

18 tracks

Catalog # DBM-01

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Founded by Myke Rivera (Aka Puerto Rican Myke) on the mean streets of the South Bronx, NYC in the fall of 1994. One of the key bands in the “second coming” of New York Hardcore that exploded onto the scene as part of Striving For Togetherness Records (SFT) family of super talented bands. District 9 tore up stages on the East Coast and entered the studio to record their debut release "Schoolahardknox" in February 1995 for SFT. District 9 stood apart from the crowd as their incredibly real and powerful lyrics, Catchy yet punishing songs, smoking guitars, street-smart rhythms and their "Straight Out The Bronx" attitude captivated the Underground scene.

Being from the Birthplace of Hip Hop Music, and representing an eclectic mix of cultures, District 9 infused authentic and organic hip hop influences into their music with credibility, style and songwriting ability.

Playing shows alongside label mates Vision Of Disorder,No Redeeming Social Value, 25 Ta Life, Fahrenheit 451, Six And Violence, and others District 9 made an indelible mark on the global hardcore scene with their intense live performances, and their incredibly dynamic recordings. The band was featured prominently in the groundbreaking and award winning N.Y.H.C. Documentary film. The band dissolved in 1998 and Myke joined and toured with the legendary Skarhead.

District 9 Returned to the stage in 2006 after an 8-year absence performing an intense set at the SUPERBOWL OF HARDCORE in NYC. A few months later, they sold out CBGB's (and then some) for a brutal headlining performance, with their old pals No Redeeming Social Value joining them for a show that nearly destroyed CBGB's a few months ahead of schedule. The band is writing new material and playing shows into 2007 and beyond.

For the first time ever, District 9’s most sought after recordings and previously lost gems have been painstakingly digitally re-mastered, and repackaged with a 16 page full color booklet.

Schoolahardknox Revisited is available now on compact disc
Catalog: DBM-01

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