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Bastards of the Universe

Release Date: 0ctober '07

2 CD / 59 tracks

Catalog # DBM-03

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Established in Queens New York, in 1985, Six and Violence immediately made an impression in the New York Hardcore scene. They shared the stage, studio, and scene with bands like, Sick of It All, Cro-Mags, Anthrax, No Redeeming Social Value, Nuclear Assault, 25 Ta Life, Crumbsuckers and Jethro Tull! Their songs shared punk rock’s criticism of organized religion, corporate America and conventional thinking but did so in a unique, comedic way, matched with an unparalleled live show. Going to see Six & Violence live meant you would be witness to an array of moshing apes, sexy go-go nuns, flying White Castle burgers and golf balls, televisions being smashed or chainsawed, and bicycle rides into the drum set (and any/every combination thereof.).

Even their lineup was bizarre. Six & Violence had 2 vocalists, 2 drummers, a bassist and guitarist...and somehow with these six freaks involved, it all meshed together and it was genius.

Most bands couldn't have 4 members who got along, so they decided to have six! Buttery-voiced intelligentsia Kurt Stenzel traded vocal barbs with the sandpaper-voiced Paulie Gazzara while drummer Dave Miranda, had near-aneurysms attacking his drum set from a standing position. The cymbal player Kenn Kim wore protective goggles for safety! Guitarist "Vanilla Crunch" Ray Amico added equal parts Leeway and suburban desperation into this sonic stew. Rounding out the melee was bassist J. Garino of fellow Queens’ band, Norman Bates and The Showerheads .

 When vocalist Paulie Gazzara passed away in 2005, a little over a month after playing what would be their final show at CBGB’s, a complete discography was thought to be a fitting tribute to his life and his work.  It wasn’t easy digging through 20 years of demos, live tapes, rarities, alternate takes, flyers, and photographs...but we did it.  For the first time ever, Six and Violence’s two groundbreaking full-lengths “Lettuce Prey” and “Petty Staycheck” have been digitally remastered and accompanied by their extremely rare “X-Mas Pigs” and “3 Way Dance” EP’s. We also included a slew of rarities and never before released material and crammed it all into a 2 CD set with a 32 page full color booklet full of flyers, photographs, and extensive liner notes from their 20 year career.

 We invite you to sit back, crank it up, and give the music and the lyrics equal attention as they torment your psyche. Feel the life affirming highs and the soul-crushing lows of a bunch of guys from the musical mecca of Queens, NY, for whom nothing was easy.

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